Intrinsic Landscapes is a multifaceted design/build practice based in Anchorage, Alaska, offering a diverse range of products suited towards clients seeking to gain the most reward out of their landscape projects.  Below is a synopsis of our services…



Intrinsic Landscapes believes that every great project is the product of a well thought out planning process. For us, planning is the act of analyzing converging layers of our environment and everyday life, exposing key elements in the landscape that are to be celebrated through the design and construction of space. Regardless of scope or complexity, we look forward to assisting you with your planning needs.

          On-Site Consultations

          Site Analysis

          Creation of Conceptual and Schematic Plans

          Production of Master Plans – with varying degrees of development and detail possible


The design process provides us the opportunity to engage in an exercise of exploration and refinement. Intrinsic Landscapes believes that design is in the details. For us, design is not purely an act of aesthetics or ornamentation. More importantly, it is an act of giving definition to space through the way things interact, behave, and ultimately,  create a sense of place.

           Detailed Master Planning Services

          Creation of Layout and Planting Plans

          Production of Construction Documents

          Development of Structural Design Details such as retaining walls, garden structures,  fencing, fire-pits, custom furnishings, and site enhancements


Manipulating the landscape into places of relaxation, recreation, and reflection is an endeavor that we consider a craft. The connection between space, materials, and the way they interact to create definition, can be a meaningful and poetic endeavor. We strive to integrate sustainable materials and methods into our projects, whether through utilizing locally sourced materials or using efficient processes. Intrinsic Landscapes takes pride in creating a product of the highest quality with timeless materials that ultimately, reflects a sense of place.

          Design/Build Services

          Collaborates with local Architects, Engineers, Subcontractors and Artists

          Licensed, Bonded and Insured General Contractor in the State of Alaska